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Each pet has their own individual needs and the price reflects this accordingly. Please call or stop by to discuss pricing , we will be happy to speak with you. We believe that monthly grooming is essential to a healthy pet and we want the very best for your pride and joy.

This includes bubbly bath, fluff dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, glands expressed, brush out, breed haircut or clip to your specifications, hand scissor finish, spritz and bow or bandana.

Are a great way to pamper your pet. Our spa packages change monthly. Check out our specials page for this months royal spa treatment.

We offer breed clips, puppy cuts, or custom cuts. All our hair-cuts are hand scissored finished by our certified groomer. Exact price will be determined AFTER your pet has been seen by our grooming professionals. Price will depend on pets coat condition , size of pet, temperament  and type of service you would like. We can then give an exact price. 

Haircuts small dogs start @ $45.00                                                         These are base prices and estimates
Medium size dogs start @ $55.00                                                            These are base prices and estimates
Large breeds dogs start @ $65.00                                                           These are base prices and estimates
XLT breed dogs start @ $75.00                                                                These are base prices and estimates
All Cat breeds start @ $65.00                                                                    These are base prices and estimates

We use the "Bath Master System" a non-recirculating bathing system. The shampoo mixture along with fresh water, gets deep down into your pet's coat removing all dirt and dander. Your pet will love the gentle massage of the "Bath Master System" ! Why not pamper your special pet, they deserve it!

"These are base prices and estimates. Please call for exact pricing of our services"

                               BATH AND BRUSH ESTIMATES
Small short coated dogs: starts at $25 for (example chihuahua,dachshund,etc.)
Medium sized dogs: starts at $35 (Example pug, beagle, Bulldogs etc)

Large size dog: starts at $45 (Example Labradors, Dobermans, Rottweilers)

Extra large dog: starts at $55 (example mastiff, German shepards, Great Danes)

De-Skunking dog bath starts at $50.00 These are base prices and estimates.

                                            CAT  GROOMING
Hot Paws offers cat grooming without sedatives. Our calm and relaxing environment allows your cat to be stress free during grooming.
Try our catalina clip which includes a belly and underside shave to keep them cool. The lion's cut is Purfect for those hard to brush kitties. For a full groom head to tail ask about our fox clip.

                   "Prices vary according to the condition of coat and temperment of your cat"

                                          A La Carte' Menu
Have your pet enjoy one of our ala carte' items on our menu, from the relaxing blueberry facial to the creative hair coloring for that "Born to be wild" pet! You decide how to pamper your special pet.

Flea and tick baths starting at $10.00
Blueberry facial starting at $5.00
Medicated bath starting at $10.00
Teeth brushed starting at $8.00
De-shed treatment starting at $10.00
Oatmeal bath starting at $10.00
Hair coloring starting at $20.00
Pawdicure starting at $13.00
Nails painted starting at $7.00
Exfoliating scrub starting at $10.00
Mint wrap starting at $10.00
Aromatherapy starting at $8.00
Peppermint soak starting at $10.00
Front-line flea control starting at $15.00